Now the internet, by all means, has to be one of the greatest inventions of mankind since the wheel. It’s safe to say that there are more benefits than not of internet use, and life has been made far easier due to the internet – finding love is not an exception to that.

There is a wide array of dating apps and sites available to people now from tinder to OkCupid to even the ones that cater to a certain community, like Lesley and plenty of fish for the LGBTQ community. This makes for an easier and higher chance of finding “the one.”

However, there are a lot of factors at play here, especially when it comes down to the finding part. There is the natural bias or shall we say preference or spec that we as individuals have about how we want our dream partner to look like and most of these apps take advantage of this.

Although they match us up with people whose interests complement ours, they also offer them to us showing only their pictures and user names for us to swipe right for those we find physically appealing, and left for the ones we don’t. This poses a problem because it means we allow our prejudices to take a front seat when we pick a partner.

A study in the US found that only 20% of men and 13% of women have managed to find love online. While these statistics seem daunting, it begs the question of why that is the case. On dating apps and sites where you have a wide variety of men and women who are all looking for love, why is it so damn hard to find the one?

Take the social dating app tinder, for example, this dating application has an algorithm that allows you to sign up, create a profile describing yourself, state your personal preference in a partner, and from all this information, you get a wide array of people who fit this description. This can be beneficial because it exposes you to people you may have never met.

Additionally, it makes the first impression seamless, as you get to build rapport with the other person before you two officially meet. But Tinder’s selection method, although easy to follow, might pose to be problematic as it matches people based on preference, it consequently leaves you to decide if you want that person just based on looks or appearances.

So we swipe right for the ones that are attractive and left for the ones we aren’t attracted to. But what if the person that is right for us is part of the ones we rejected? What if we miss our chance at true love because we’re majoring on the minor?

This, of course, isn’t the app’s fault, it’s probably our fault as we’re letting go of what could be a beautiful love story because we don’t find the other person physically attractive at first glance like you typically would on listcrawler.

It’s easy to say that you should always swipe right to whoever comes across your feed, but at least you should join these sites with an open mind and maybe, just maybe, you’ll increase your chances of finding love that lasts.